Melting your emotions with Colours


A workshop about expressing yourself through colours, with textures and spontaneous shapes. You let your emotions flow and your imagination take space on canvas or any material of your choice. I will share my methodology, to help you create to experiment something new. You can reach out to me at



Understand your life events


Understanding self through colours and shapes has a deeper impact and growth in our daily lives. Many unexplained instances and experiences come to light when we try to unfold them through colours and forms. I love to share my method of painting periodic journeys, processing thoughts and emotions. Its a fulfilling process of knowing self and the environment that we live in. If you are interested you can reach out to me at




Art Classes for Children


A lot goes unsaid in a tender age and giving a channel to communication, through colours and forms does wonders. Let your child explore the world of imagination and have an opportunity to play with colours. If you would like your little one to play beyond and with colours, reach out to me at  


Wear sacred art and geometry. I love offering my art-work prints on t-shirts. If interested reach out to me at

Paint Murals


If you have an idea to take shape on your wall, I will design and paint it to create the desired effect, with a touch of positive energy. If interested reach out to me at