God is childlike

On my journey to India this time, I visited many ancient temples, which are old as far as 5000 years. Not that I hadn't visited them earlier, but this time a certain peculiarity struck me and that was these sacred sites were bombarding with dynamic energy. Not only that, even the idol/object of worship had some distinctiveness to it, which was nothing but childlike. Especially with the ancient temples, the sacred idol/ carved stone do not have a fully grown up humanlike features but are more toddler like.


It was so energizing to be in the presence of the energy,  such that it took me back to feeling and being like a child. So visiting to these spaces was no more of a ritual and bowing down in worshipping the other, but realizing the child inside. I realized the pristine and joyful idol is there to remind me my playfulness each time I visit to take a peek at the deity.


No doubts it drops some drops of wisdom for a seeker, that the idol in front of you is reflecting pure consciousness, which one can only see when all the veils have been dropped. 

Also being an ardent student of  Kashmir Shaivism, it reminded me of the play the lord is constantly engaged into, hence the childlike quality. 


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