A Soldier's Healing Heart

A soldier's heart 
Needs a balm for a start
A war outside and a war inside
can’t leave either aside
I have fought and bled enough
Yet human greed keeps getting tough 
The real enemy is in the mind
Which causes the illusory divide
I give my life everyday 
So that you all can play
Do you give an ear, Ye my earth family? 
I leave behind my loved ones in agony
A Soldiers heart was teared apart
I was not born with a dream to kill
Now my guts ache and plead for tranquil 
it’s all a gamble as long as you are alive
When left with flesh and bones it’s all futile
Only ego wins and loses this war cry
I lived with honor dignity and pride
To let alone peace abide
Now my heart yearns a healing vibe
Do you hear my dear earthly tribe? 
Beyond that camouflage of mine
Is a heart that needs a medicinal wine
I am A Soldier's Heart
I Need a balm for a start