My Heart Says.......


Lively Colourful Works- have been influenced by my childhood interest and finding a purpose to channelize this natural gift, which changed the course of my life and the idea the of world as a whole. I feel my learnings and experience take form on canvas, in the form of colours and intuitive patterns. I believe in uplifting awareness of human mind through my works and focus on healing energies. My Pieces are intentional symbolics of positive change. My method begins with an intense emotion, story and a symbolic representation of energy, which gradually shapes up into a complete picture. 


"As I work with sacred geometry, I experience receiving information that is beyond the realm of rational thought. Some call this experience CHANNELING. Listening and recording this message in whatever form appeals to me is one of my forte. Sometimes the information entering the consciousness is at multi-dimentional levels, and has no material means of expression" - My Creative Offering 



***Energy Channeling*** 

When my hand moves, with it moves the colour, colour which moves with the direction of the emotion, forms the shape, the pattern; transpired by the cells in the body, carrying a mysterious energy, felt by my gut, each time I channel. The fluidity of the colour, then vibrates with the flow of my mind, my soul. There is a rope like medium flowing between the point of contact of atoms of the paper-canvas and ions in the colour medium. The colour which I hold through Pen-Brush, warped between my fingers, resonating with my nerves and blood, flowing to and fro from my heart center - the self - the universe

Exhibitions | Courses | Creative Collaboration 

exhibited at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India, 2011

Course in basic Oil painting, SIRI Institute of Painting,Hyderabad, India 2012

Assistant Artist in Airography to Mrs. Mala Ramyead, Head of The institute, MGI, Mauritius, Hyderabad, India, 2013

Basic course in sketching, Priyanka's Gallery, Bangalore, India, 2014

exhibited at Shoreline Arts Festival, Seattle, 2014

exhibited at AN/T Gallery, Seattle, 2014

exhibited as Artist of the month at Art up the Phinney ridge, Fremont, 2015

exhibited as Artist of the month at Makeda Coffee Shop, Greenwood Art walk, Greenwood, 2015

exhibited at, Featured Artist, (SAAM, Seattle Asian Art Museum), 2015

conducted workshop at Gasworks Gallery, basic painting, 2015

exhibited at Open house and in house member at Gas Works Gallery, Fremont, 2015

exhibited at ACT theatre in collaboration with pratidhwani, downtown, Seattle, 2015

exhibited at Onyx Fine Arts, Belltown,  Jan- April, 2016

Course in Expressive Art Therapy,Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute Learning Center', Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

Healing through Art - Shelly Klamer- Dec 2015

Exhibited at Onyx Fine Arts as"Spring Frevor" April-June,2016, Belltown, Seattle 

Exhibiting at Onyx Fine Arts, July-September, 2016, Belltown, Seattle

Participated in Leschi Street Fair and Art Walk, September 10th, 2016, Leschi, Seattle

Creating in collaboration with Artists practising Sacred Art- (September 2016 - Present)

• Shaktikalaya Sacred Arts

• Pure Peace Creations