Art as a coloring medium is a continuous intrigue to me, to how you can choose a clean sheet of paper every day and create new possibilities, germinate novel ideas and explore the mundane.


My natural inclination has been to think about life and existence. To dive deep and understand why things exist the way they do. To examine the construct of thoughts, feelings and emotions and their telescopic coherence with energy and frequency of self and to that of the bigger environment of the universe.


Exploring and portraying this journey through the medium of art is my daily muse and life purpose. It gives me joy to capture, coming together of the innate curiosity, the intuitive energy of the art form and the impact a completed art form creates, as it engages with the matrix of living things and beings.


                               Exhibiting art prints and originals at Tractor Tavern, Ballard, Seattle, Aug, 2019

Exhibitions | Courses | Creative Collaboration



exhibited at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India, 2011

Course in basic Oil painting, SIRI Institute of Painting,Hyderabad, India 2012

Assistant Artist in Airography to Mrs. Mala Ramyead, Head of The institute, MGI, Mauritius, Hyderabad, India, 2013

Basic course in sketching, Priyanka's Gallery, Bangalore, India, 2014

exhibited at Shoreline Arts Festival, Seattle, 2014

exhibited at AN/T Gallery, Seattle, 2014

exhibited as Artist of the month at Art up the Phinney ridge, Fremont, 2015

exhibited as Artist of the month at Makeda Coffee Shop, Greenwood Art walk, Greenwood, 2015

exhibited at, Featured Artist, (SAAM, Seattle Asian Art Museum), 2015

exhibited at Open house and in house member at Gas Works Gallery, Fremont, 2015

exhibited at ACT theatre in collaboration with pratidhwani, downtown, Seattle, 2015

exhibited at Onyx Fine Arts, Belltown, Jan- April, 2016

Course in Expressive Art Therapy,Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute Learning Center', Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

Healing through Art - Shelly Klamer- Dec 2015

Exhibited at Onyx Fine Arts as"Spring Frevor" April-June,2016, Belltown, Seattle 

Volunteered as peer counselor at "Washington Warmline", Seattle, June-Dec, 2016

Exhibiting at Onyx Fine Arts, July-September, 2016, Belltown, Seattle

Participated in Leschi Street Fair and Art Walk, September 10th, 2016, Leschi, Seattle

collaboration with Artists practicing sacred Art, Shaktikalaya Sacred Arts ,Pure Peace Creations, Sept 2016- Aug 2018  

Project - Bhairava Series - 2018 to Current - Bhairava Series, A series inspired by philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism

Writing course with Jeff Brown - Writing your way home Oct, 2018

learning and collaboration with artist Claudia Dose,, 2019

Art prints and merchandise show at Tractor Tavern, Ballard, Seattle, Aug, 2019

Vendor Exhibit at Lake Union Cafe, Seattle, Aug, 2019

In person Training, Art with Heart, SEL Skills for Kids, Seattle, February, 2020

Virtual art exhibit at Onyx Fine Arts Collective Gallery, "Kali" dimensions 9x12 inches, Mixed Media, Jul, 2020

Art prints exhibit for sale at Onyx Fine Arts Collective Gallery, Matrika, Kali, Mantra Bhairava, Mystical Naga on a full Moon, Spiral- Source of all life, March - May 2021

Exhibiting @ Onyx "Spiral Blossoming Cosmic Heart Fluorite Crystals" 12x12 inch,plywood,mixed media and "The mystical congregation of the Crescents 30x40, Canvas,acrylic. Jan-April 2022

Exhibit " Kashmir Genocide Jan 19, 1990" @ Onyx Fine Arts April-June 2022

Completed a course in "Shamanic Calling and Spiritual Practices" @ Northwest Healing and Intuitive Arts Nov 2021 - May 2022