Longing, 36x36 inches, Mixed Media, Canvas

Earth Consciousness is Universal Consciousness, 28x28 inches, Acrylic, Canvas

Ascending Bird, 24x24 Inches, Acrylic, Canvas

Meditating Buddha, 20x30 inches, Acrylic, Thick black cardboard

Steady Anger, 28x28 inches, Oil & Acrylic, Canvas, SOLD

Heart Pixels - Following your Heart, 36x24 inches, Acrylic, Canvas

The Royal Elephant, 10X10 inches, Mixed Media(Acrylic, Black Ink), Wood panel, OFFERED

Rose on Wood, 5x5inches, Acrylic&Black Pen, Wooden Block, SOLD

Transition Seattle Doodle, Colour Pens, Acrylic, Paper, SOLD

Spring Seattle, Acrylic, Volcanic Stones, Wooden chair seat

Star in Woods~Soulmate , 15X10 inches, Acrylic, Volcanic Stones

The Third Eye Art Work, 28x28 inches, Mixed Media(Acrylic, Resin for texture), Canvas

Heart Chakra ~ Anahata, 20 inches diameter, Acrylic, Canvas.

Throat Chakra ~ Vishuddhi, 15 inches diameter, Acrylic, Canvas, SOLD