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yatra namapanasya visrantis tad idam dvaitakalapaham adhovaktram

sasthasrotorupam yoginivaktram ity ucyate...

" The Place where in fact the apana(vital wind) rests, the lower mouth, by which the defilement of duality is removed, is called the yoginivaktra, which takes the form of the sixth stream" - Acharya Abhinavagupta

- The Brahmayamalatantra and Early Saiva cult of Yoginis, Shaman Hatley

Sacred Geometry - Pichu Bhairava Portal

Male and Female must retain their gender and yet become 'neuter'. They must assume that pure chaste condition of perfect transcendence and yet retain the bliss of union.This is the condition of the linga which is the neuter absolute and here we are told is for that reason, bliss- ananda is not male. It is neuter chaste, continent, spiritual bliss of the deity's essential nature, which is formless, void and transcendent. - The cult of Goddess Kubjika