Vatuka ( Batuka ) Bhairava

Creation (Objective World, Objective God Consciousness) of a parent (Cosmic Universal Energy and Universal God Consciousness), both embody God Consciousness, where the child (Objective world) is the coagulated version of Supreme God Consciousness (Subjective - Internal )


All encompassing energy - Objective, Subjective and Cognitive- A state of self beyond limited perceptions and distortions, hence witnessing a childlike quality of playfulness combined with universal wisdom of a cosmic mother and cosmic father, who themselves embody the the qualities of cosmic child. 

Hence here the  cosmic child is  cosmic parent filled and the cosmic parent is cosmic child filled.


Only all loving and all encompassing divine universal mother-father can nurture a being into all loving and all encompassing child, hence here the child is - divine mother filled and the mother is - child filled mother. Here they are both in each other  and both in one and hence the child like innocence.


Child like playfulness also attributes to going beyond the limited ego - self and surrendering to unlearning, which ultimately paves path to supreme knowledge. Its an embodiment of being knowledge full so its childlike-playful- sweet piercing of nectar-timelessness. Child like innocence are the times when we are really able to successfully meditate too.


Quoting from Shiva Sutras by Swami Lakshmanjoo


"So this mind is said to be that by which your self is exposed in its fullness. It is vimarsha- I consciousness- thought in two ways : in Prasada Mantra and in Pranava Mantra. Prasada Mantra is mantra of external flow. Pranava Mantra is mantra of external and internal flow. 

Pranava Mantra is the mantra where both  the mantras - the mantra aham and mantra ma-ha-a arise. When the mantra aham arises its external and when ma-ha-a arises it is internal. 

When aham occurs its coming out from your supreme God consciousness and moving to objective God consciousness. This is traveling to objective God consciousness, not the objective world.  

When you rise from objective God consciousness to your subjective God consciousness, that is the rise of the mantra ma-ha-a. So in both ways, these are states of pranava.

Prasada on the other hand is, is the state of the sacred word Sauh. It is only external. It is rising from inside to outside.

But it is supreme rise when you rise in coming out and when you rise in going in., which is Pranava. So it is said that this pranava mantra is truly a mantra, for the word "mantra" is made up from man and tra. Man from the word mañana  means "causes you to reside in your own God consciousness". Tra from the word trana means "protects you from all the evils of the world."

 Mantra is the divinity in the mind of the yogi or the flow of subjective god consciousness towards objective God consciousness or the simultaneous flow of subjective God consciousness towards objective God consciousness, and the flow of objective God consciousness towards subjective God consciousness."


Here Vatuka is the essence of both Subjective and Objective God Consciousness, helping an aspirant to ensemble and absorb a wholesome perspective of self.

Inter-connectedness of all that is and is not. That common parameter of objective and subjective God consciousness - Vatuka


Now in a very worldly perspective, when one is constantly involved in enquiry of self and bent upon finding truth, one inevitably stumbles upon ones childhood which was full of innocence, carefree, lively and playful without any limitation and boundaries, which draws the self towards its innate nature, where there was no need to search for self-love. It was ever present. It draws an aspirant a step closer towards the nature of the creator and the creation.

But the impressions which we carry unfold and that we gather on the way add up to misery and botheration, and we tend to forget our intimate self which is brimming with joy and happiness. 

However once the inner child is regained one finds the cosmic- unconditional love dwelling in self which is nurtured by the sweet presence of its inner cosmic mother and father with infinitude light and ever loving bliss- Shiva- Shakti.

Also sometimes in worldly situations we tend to nest on others perceptions of us as an individuals, so much so that we forget, who we really are. We tend to merge multiple perceptions to be our self-image, which causes distress and sadness. 

Vatuka Bhairava is a state of knowing and experiencing yourself beyond pure and impure distortions of self. This state dispels the darkness of limited perception of self and helps perceive a space inside which is innocent,  ethereal and untouched from any external and internal events at gross and subtle levels of existence, which neither accepts nor rejects anything.

Bhai-ra-va means the one who creates, protects & fills with what we need, and then again pulls himself back into his nature, here Batuka-Vatuka is a state of being where he blesses himself with this knowing, through his own childlike energy. 


Quoting from Hymns to Shiva by Swami Lakshmanjoo


kriditam tava mahesvaratayah

prsthato'nyadidameva yathaitat


svatmana paramupayamupaimi


The one play, one divine play, first divine play, of Your glory is just the existence of Your Kingdom. Your kingdom is one glory i.e. Your kingdom of creating, protecting, destroying, concealing and revealing. This is Your kingdom. Your kingdom is in these five great acts. This is the first kingdom, the main kingdom of thee. This is the blissful play of your kingdom. 

And there is another blissful play attached to this kingdom. And that is, when I think of Your, these five acts, when I desire, just think, just concentrate upon these five acts of Yours in Your kingdom, I also become one with that Kingdom. So, I begin to create, I begin to protect, I begin to destroy, I begin to conceal, and I begin to reveal. I become just like you. This is another divine play of Your kingdom.

One main play of Your kingdom is that You are established in Your kingdom. Another play of Your kingdom is that we are also possessing That kingdom; we also posses That kingdom. This is Your play.

So, this is just saktipata (grace). There is no difference between individual and the Universal Lord.