"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sapna for over three years. Her wisdom, talent and friendship are an inspiration. Conversing about life and how we navigate it, the lessons we are offered, our awareness, spirituality and the gift and impact of art are subject matter I love sharing with her. Many of those aspects of our friendship plus passion can clearly be seen through her painting. Her selflessness with art and her prime objective to touch people with her painting is a rarity. It’s not about money, it’s about spirituality. A particular painting struck a chord for me because living with seizures it encompassed the internal vision of how it feels to live with epilepsy on a daily basis. It was vibrant. The black of the figure against a red background displayed an intensity of emotion but in a positive way. That is not an easy feat to eliminate the projection of anger and frustration yet to overtly convey those emotions in such a way that it becomes positive.

Sapna and I share similar beliefs but yet there is always so much more to learn from her as she is one of life’s teachers.I treasure our friendship, and if you are reading this then you will have been touched by her gift too."

 Freya Radlein - Writer, Epilepsy Advocate and Founder, Finding Freedom with Epilepsy                                              

Rudra Shakti ~ Shankh Shankar Art Print


When it comes to artwork... It's a no-brainer for me to go visit her website and to choose one among her best creations. Everything she creates is just so mystical along with an immense depth of ancient knowledge and hidden stories in each painting. 

My heart just fills the minute I see her paintings and sometimes it gets so difficult to choose one among her many gems. When I purchased my first painting from her and asked her, what's the inspiration behind creating this artwork.. she asked me "what do you see in it.. how do you interpret this art" and she says " In different phases of your life .. you might interpret the same art differently and meaning of it might completely change" and its totally true, sometimes it's just fascinating to witness the change in my perception of her artwork over the years.

Harshini Indrakanti 


"My day begins by looking at Sapna's beautiful art creation hung across my living room with a hot filter coffee in my hand.. and I can't explain how good it feels like. It feels meditative to see her paintings and quite refreshing in to start my day. I purchased quite a few artworks from her .. which completes my home." 

Harshini's Mom - Lalitha