Inspired and dwelling on archetypal energy repertoire of “Indrakshi” ~ One with thousand eyes, always on vigil - Shasranetra , 8x15 inches, Acrylic & Pens, Textured Paper

Untitled, 8x15 inches, Colored Pens, Textured Paper

aghorebhyo ‘tha ghorebhyo


sarvatah sarva ! sarvebhyo

namaste rudrarupebhyah

O Lord Shiva! 

You alone transform yourself into all forms, into the forms of the powers of Rudra as 

aghora, the enlightening and uplifting energy, 

ghoratari, the frightful darkening energy which pushes one down,

and ghora, the energy which keeps one fixed, 

 neither rising nor falling. - Swami Laxmanjoo

Untitled, 8x15 inches, Colored pens, Textured Paper

Shiva Manas Puja - The Mental worship of Shiva by Adi Shankara

Sanskrit chanting -

Rathnai Kalpitham asanam, Himajalai snanam cha divyambaram,

Naana rathna vibhooshitham mruga madha modhanvitham Chandanam,

Jathi champaka bilwa pathra rachitham, pushpam cha deepam Thada,Deepam deva dayanithe pasupathe, hrud kalpyatham gruhyatham.

Translation by P.R. Ramachander 

I offer you an imaginary throne made of precious jewels,

I offer you bath in the water of melted snow from the Himalayas,

I offer you holy silken cloth to wear,

I adorn you with very many precious jewels,I offer you musk and sandal,

I offer you Bilwa and Champaka flowers,

And I offer you the holy lamp,


But all these I offer in the portal of my mind,Please God who is merciful and who is the Lord of all beings,Accept my offerings and bless me

Pancha-Mukhi Shiva Lingam, 10x9 inches, Acrylic & Pens, Paper

Let me be flooded with that great flood. The flood of the water of supreme nectar. And that flood is, just to observe your face, just to see your face. Face here is Energy - Pancha Mukha ( Five Faces ) 

Cit Shakti- Consciousness Energy, 

Ananda Shakti - Bliss Energy, 

Ichha Shakti - Will Power Energy, 

Jnana Shakti - Knowledge Energy,

Kriya Shakti - Action Energy


And this face, when I perceive your divine face, that will flood me, I will get that flood. Let me be flooded by that Rasa(Sweetness) of nectar. The non-manifestation of oneness has created those wounds in me. Let those wounds be filled with that nectar so they are healed up. - Swami Laxmanjoo, Hymns to Shiva.