m (anusvara), 36x36 inches, Acrylic, Canvas

The fact is, however, that even though this whole universe has been created, the nature of his self, which is full of consciousness and bliss, has not been lessened at all. Nothing has happened. He is only residing in HIs own point. This state of Lord Shiva is represented by the letter (anusvara). The letter m, therefore, shows that the existence of Lord Shiva has not moved from His own nature, even though this whole universe is created in His self. 

- Secret Supreme, Swami Lakshmanjoo


This whole universe, beginning from the energy of consciousness ( Cit Shakti ) and ending in the most vivid energy of action ( Kriya Shakti ) is no Universe at all. In other words, its the expansion of your own nature, nothing else. In reality nothing is created at all. It is only the glory of his own nature that you will find this so-called creation. 

This state of knowledge and confirmation is represented by the letter anusvara. Here there is only a point (Bindu). A point cannot be created ; it is only one-pointed. After accomplishing this expansive state of activity, this entire active world is dissolved in one point. So if you are created, if you grow up, if you become old, if you die, if you come again in this world, what significance is there in this? It is only the glory of your own expansion of being. There is no creation no death. 


- Shiva Sutras 2.7, Swami Lakshmanjoo



Svatantryamrtapurnatvadaikyakhyatimahapate l

citrus nastyena yatresa tannauma tava assanham ll


O Lord, I bow to Thy sashanam, to Thy spiritual order, in which order form, nothing is written. It is only just a blank sheet only, a clear order form from Lord Shiva. And it is written, this order is written on svatantraya amrtapurna tvadaikyakhyati, which is the perception of Your being, Your transcendental state, which is filled with the nectar of independence. Your svarupa is filled with the nectar of independence, and that nectar of independence is the sheet on which You have written orders, and on that sheet, nothing is written. I bow to that sheet, that order sheet, of Yours.

So it means that this whole universe, although it is differentiatedly perceived, but actually this is nothing, no citram (differentiation). It is only universal consciousness, nothing else. Although this is a picture, this is writing, this is an order from Lord Shiva, written, but actually it is not written at all. It is only blank paper, white paper. Voidness only shines everywhere if you go to the depth of understanding this position of the universe. And Utpaldeva unites this picture according to the Shiva point of view, that although this is a picture, to us it seems it is written, it is drawn ......Inscribed in consciousness, but if you go the basis, the root of this picture, nothing is written ; there is no thing, no variety. It is only a white sheet and the white sheet that will be perceived when you enter in that transcendental state of God consciousness. You will perceive that there is nothing ; this universe is only God.


- Hymns to Shiva, Swami Lakshmanjoo

 Your eyes are open and for a moment you feel that you are outside. You experience the objective world, but in a peculiar way. Then once again, your breathing is finished and your eyes are closed and you feel that you are inside. This is the state of krama Mudra, where transcendental "I" consciousness is beginning to be experienced as one with the experience of the objective world.

                                                                              - Secret Supreme , Swami Lakshmanjoo


When you establish your mind in the internal reality of God Consciousness, that is dharana. This dharana is not only to be established in internal God Consciousness but also in all the activities of your worldly life. This is true dharana. - Netra Tantra


This unification of individual God Consciousness and Universal God Consciousness leads to that supreme state where God Consciousness is experienced without break in all the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. This is the supreme state of fullness while in body and is called Jagad-ananda.

                                                                             - Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism, Swami Lakshmanjoo


Sahakari na kincidisyate

bhavato na pratibandhakam drsi

bhavataiva hi sarvamaplutam

kathamadyapi tathapi neksase


For finding You,my Lord, for finding You out, for experiencing Your nature, there is nothing to be adopted. You are perceived without any adoption, just without meditation, just without prayers, just without concentration, just without dhyana, just without prayers, just without concentration, just without maintatining discipline. There is nothing needed in perceiving You.

In Shaivism, this is the fact that when God is perceived, He is perceived, not with the adoption of means. Upayas. God is revealed without the adoption of these things. When God is revealed, he is revealed. This is the secret. It is not realized with effort. When you do some effort for realizing It, you remain far away from His nature. When you abandon all of your efforts, you remain far away from His nature. God is revealed just when He so likes. It is not in Your hands. -Saktipata.

There is nothing to do. It is not that if you make yourself busy, you are busy with these things, that you are sure to get the realization of God. It may not come at all. It comes when it comes, by Itself.

For realizing You, there is nothing to be adopted, and there is no obstruction also for realizing You. You are free to be realized! The path is clear for Your realization. So, there is nothing in between to stop[ you from realizing your nature.

Because, You have pervaded the whole world. You have pervaded the world of upayas and You have pervaded the world of obstacles. 


- Hymns to Shiva, Swami Lakshmanjoo