"You are an artist of your own life, so what makes you think you can't create with colors?"

Holistic Coaching through Art

I enjoy indulging in art as a playful yet revealing medium to access layers of self which remain hidden in the sub-conscious to experience an expansive free-flowing authenticity. As a child I found my inner world expand through doodling, coloring and creating non-stop with incredible affinity. And for last eleven years, this practice has been a space and source of dedicated inspiration to me, to live in my truth and foster self-healing. 

Be it processing emotions, getting through difficult times, regulating nervous system, experiencing multitude of joy and bliss, or channeling mystical energies, intuitive art of drawing and coloring can mill through it all. 

In my holistic coaching sessions I offer art and conversations, which cater to unique needs of a person.

If interested you can book sessions here and if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at sapnadhar@gmail.com