Goddess Kali Channelling

Salutations to Martanda Kali who as the destroyer of the wheel of cognition, puts an end to all objective flavors. Desirous of consuming all worldly activities She causes the twelve sun gods, in the shape of the bird wheel, to be completely consumed like a moth entering a raging fire. ~ Krama Stotra, Sivanandanatha

8x15 inches, Acrylic, Textured Paper

I pay homage to that well appeased Sthitinashakali who absorbs the destroyer. Established in the unifying center of the conscious and unconscious, which begins at the wheel of life force [prå¬an], she makes her own both the outward and inward breath [prå¬a apåna]. By her flame the pure light of subjective awareness sets in the horizon.

 Krama Stotra, Sivanandanatha

20x35 inches, Mixed Media, Wooden Panel

I bow to that inexpressible Mahakal-Kali who resides in the cremation ground, where during the night all the five great elements are dissolved. As a fire powerfully excited by wind, she enthusiastically swallows the great lord of time [Mahakåla] along with the wheel of the energies governing the ten directions. 

 Krama Stotra, Sivanandanatha

36x50 inches, Mixed Media, Canvas

Transformational Kali Art

Layers, 10x9 inches, Mixed Media, Paper

Compassion for self, 12 kalis, 15x10 inches, Acrylic, canvas